A large-format advertising display

The "25" is a large-format advertising display, which was presented as a gift of the FLEX team to the HTWK Leipzig on their 25th anniversary. Here, the size of the two digits results from the multiplication of the age of the university for the birthday on 14.06.2017 (9.131 days) and the irrational number √2 (1.414213562 ...), which is as meaningful in science and practice.

Keywords: Alucobond-plate, wood-based panels, steel plate, anniversary logo of the University, lightweight design, key visual

Design idea

The 25 serves as a visual basic motif ("key visual"), as the physical form of a anniversary logo of the university. The specially developed design concept is based largely on the desire for easy handling, a low transport weight and a virtually non-tiltable installation in the outdoor area.

The size of the logo is defined over the scope of the two digits and corresponds exactly to 12,900 mm and 58 mm in depth. Together with the stand, the installation measures 1.32 m in height.


To ensure the ease of transport, the numbers were made as sandwich panels made of wood-based panels with circumferentially evenly protruding Alucobond panels. The installation stand consists of steel moldings and plastic rings. These also serve as connectors and allow the rotation of both digits around their vertical axis of gravity. The foot of the stand is made of wood-based panels, which are covered by an Alucobond plate.


On June 14, 2017, on the anniversary of the HTWK Leipzig, the logo was exhibited on the stage for the 25th anniversary. Since then, it serves as an eye-catcher on public photos and should point to a youthful HTWK age at an exposed place in the university.


processed by:

Lena Salm, M.A.

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Theuer

supervised by:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Stahr