resource-efficient building with wood

The ZoLinkR test arch marks the first milestone in the examination on the subject of 'resource-efficient building with wood' at the HTWK Leipzig. Its realization as a 5m x 3m x 2m (L x W x H) test arch furthered the comprehensive understanding of constructive geometry, the assembly of special tools for lamella fabrication as well as the gathering of experience in building the structure. First stress tests were used to get a deeper and comprehensive understanding of the construction.

Keywords: timber, timber construction, pavilion, Denkmal, Zollinger principle, curvature, komplex geometry, components, ribbed lamella structures


The original ribbed lamella construction after the patent of Fritz Zollinger (Merseburg, 1923), following the simple load principle of a tensile stressed rope combined with a pressure-loaded arch. The latter type of structure is still preserved today with emphasis in Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony, as so-called Zollinger roofs. The main component of these wooden structures are solid wood planks or lamellae, which are connected by means of a "double-bolt connection”. Due to the curvature and the bearing primarily normal forces are at work. The compressive stress is distributed almost uniformly over the lamella cross-sections, resulting in an overall efficient material utilization, which in turn results in a significantly smaller dimensioning of the lamellae and thus material and weight savings.


Presentation at the Denkmal 2016, Leipzig.

Next thought

The  ZoLinkR.Wave project applies the Zollinger structure to a doubly curved surface. As a result, the constructive principle could be utilized for a much larger and more variable application area.

In the context of research at the HTWK Leipzig, a master's thesis and two bachelor's theses have recently been completed, which, among other things, shed light on the life cycle assessment of ribbed lamella structures based on the Zollinger principle. In addition, a Bachelor student who is co-supervised by STRAB Ingenieurholzbau is currently investigating the basics of evaluating the profitability of ribbed lamellar compared to glue laminated wood constructions.

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processed by:

Andrea Backenköhler,B.Eng.

Cristoph Dijoux,M.Sc.

Lukas Franke,M.Sc.

Marius Götzinger,B.A.

Dipl.Ing. Hannes Löschke,M.A.

Manuel Pietzsch,M.Sc.

Leslie Schottstädt,B.A.

Henry Schulz,B.A.

Lisa Weiß,B.Eng.

Marius Zwigart,B.A.

supervised by:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Stahr