Parametric Bench


The Parametric Bench is a completely digitally designed and manufactured piece of seating furniture. Its geometry is based on a design idea of ​​spatially "blending" three flat, parallel templates by means of interpolation. The result is a solid with flat side surfaces and a continuous but variably curved outer surface. This in turn is divided into equidistant steps according to the “egg slicer principle”, so that ultimately flat, formally similar, but geometrically variable templates are created. The form-finding approach was described based on algorithms and implemented in the form of a small program (script). The completely adaptive, digital-based, parametric "design space" allows (almost) unlimited scope for design.

As a result of the digital design process, a data set is created that fully describes the individual geometry of the bench. This can be used to control NC-controlled milling machines that fully automate the individual segments and manufacture time, personnel and material efficiently. The challenge of connecting the individual segments was solved on the basis of the technical principle of bracing and implemented with a simple tension belt. The result is the unmistakable, vertically rhythmically structured look of the Parametric Bench.
FLEX thanks the cooperation partners NOVO-Tech, Aschersleben and BOBO, Leipzig for the support with material (megawood®) and NC-controlled cutting.