A cordless screwdriver powered prototype vehicle

The sPRINTer is a prototype vehicle for a new driving experience, because the aerodynamic driving position makes it a recumbent tricycle. The interplay of component and control development as the world's first articulated steering system creates the optimized center of gravity. The sPRINTer is therefore the successful interdisciplinary cooperation between architecture and mechanical engineering students of the HTWK. It was developed for the cordless screwdriver race 2016 in Hildesheim, which dictated the propulsion by means of a cordless screwdriver.

Keywords: GFK, PMMA, cordless screwdriver, steel, premium steel, aluminium


The highly sophisticated geometry development of the individual components is largely based on the digital data transfer from the computer to the machine. The modular, three-piece recumbent tricycle has a technological and design highlight in the form of a central, organically shaped, 53 cm long and approximately 7 kg heavy self-supporting middle part. It was completely digitally designed, constructed and printed in cooperation with and supported by an industrial partner in the PDB process of resin-bonded polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) in 3D. The semi-circular front suspension was also digitally developed to static, mechanical, aerodynamic and aesthetic requirements and finally laminated in GRP.


For the cordless screwdriver race 2016  11 teams competed and the team of the HTWK Leipzig participated with the sPRINTer.

In addition, he was able to show his performance again on the Leipzig Porsche test track.


processed by:

T. Groke,B.Eng.

C. Krohne,B.A.

R. Kühn

B. Sens, B.A.

F. Schmidt-Kleespies, M.A.

G. Weber,B.Eng.

D. Weinmann,B.Eng.

P. Zimmermann

supervised by:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Stahr

Martin Dembski,M.Sc.

Martin Böttcher,M.Eng.