Voronoi Chair

A healing process

Voronoi is an algorithm used to segment a surface or space. This can also be understood as the interpolation by natural neighbors and is therefore used to model organic cell structures. This example of the dissection was implemented in the Voronoi Chair, with oak wood being the main building material, as a 1000-fold enlarged cross section of the cell walls of oak wood.

The aim of the project was the restoration of the missing seat surface of a chair by means of a material-optimized, flat supporting structure.

Keywords: wood, oak wood, segmentation, cell structure, materia efficient, digital, effecctive seating comfort

Design idea

To generate the missing seat, the frame of the chair was first measured and digitized. Subsequently, based on this data, the missing seat area was generated by means of the Voronoi algorithm. For this purpose, the seat was divided into fields or regions whose number and size is determined by an amount of points to be defined. These structures generated by the Voronoi principle represent the "supporting framework" and have been functionally optimized in repetitive algorithmic processes.


The precise crafting of the oak plywood was done with a CNC milling machine. The new seat filling therefore fits exactly into the existing chair frame and now offers material-saving yet structural-effective the desired seating comfort.


The Voronoi Chair was presented for the first time at the Designers Open' 2017 in Leipzig.


processed by:

Felix Schmidt-Kleespies,B.A.

supervised by:

Martin Dembski,M.Sc.