Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Stahr

Alexander Stahr (* 1973) holds a PhD in Civil Engineering and since 2010 is a Professor of Structural Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences HTWK in Leipzig. The main purpose of his teaching, which focuses on architecture, is to convey a feeling for the flow of forces in constructions with the aid of (visual) methods of graphical structural engineering and the use of digital parametric tools.

Stahr is the initiator and creative director of the FLEX project, which aims to motivate constructively interested and intellectually open students of HTWK Leipzig to cooperate in interdisciplinary, research-related projects and thus to establish a comprehensive, independent, open top-level advancement.

Based on his dissertation on the constructive optimization of variable-curved steel-glass constructions, his research focuses on the topic of resource-saving construction with the background knowledge of the Earth's energy and resource reserves on the basis of a deeply rooted sense of responsibility for future generations through the use of natural geometric curvature effects.

Stahr is the father of six children, likes to read and jog and lives in Leipzig.